Au Revoir to LSD

As I’ve been managing this blog, I’ve covered a lot of topics, from the history of LSD, the potentials for it as a medicine, and also, the dangers of LSD being used in the wrong manner. Thought that it was time to make a post to talk about tolerant, controlled usage of acid.

LSD isn’t, and really shouldn’t, be used as a normal drug. Nicotine, cannabis, alcohol, these substances could be used all the time (with discipline, hopefully), but LSD is a special thing, that shouldn’t be exploited regularly.

The first reason is, well, you literally couldn’t do it. The human body builds an immense tolerance to the drug. If you were to take the same dosage for three days, by the third day, your body would have built such a tolerance that you would barely experience anything from the LSD.

But that’s less important than the WHY you shouldn’t exploit LSD by taking it regularly. The occasional use of LSD is far more healthy, as each time is a spiritual awakening, provided you have your set and setting in order, that would lose its meaning if you were to have it all the time. Like going to a water park, its something that can be a beautiful experience, but not something that you should do every day (I mean that stuff expensive, amirite?!)


How is LSD created?

*DISCLAIMER: this isn’t a guide on how to make LSD, just some facts about it’s origin!*

Unlike most other psychedelics, LSD has a particularly strange origin. While cannabis and psilocybin can be found naturally, LSD alone can not be found growing from a plant. Because of this, LSD is not an average recipe, and is rather difficult to create without the proper knowledge of chemistry and also have the equipment. This isn’t a fancy cocktail, this is a drug that is made in a freaking lab, so don’t go out making your own!

Albert Hofmann, the father of LSD, originally created LSD first from extracting a special fungus found in rye, but this is not the only way to start the process, as similar properties can be found in Morning Glory seeds.

What is important to note however is the toxicity of the whole process. The chemicals extracted from the rye or morning glory seeds, the solvents and reagents used in each component, as well as the usage of chloroform to the process makes LSD quite a risky make, although safe when proper procedure is maintained.

The moral of the story is, street LSD can be dangerous when the source is unknown, due to these reasons, as well as the normal dangers that follow with buying illegal drugs. If LSD was given a demotion in illegal status, better facilities would be created for the manufacturing of LSD, paving the way for safer intake. Legalising and allowing LSD to be used medicinally not only would heal so many people, but it would also keep many others safe.

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The Misuse of LSD

LSD is a great drug, that has the potential to open the mind to think not only outside the box, but outside the concept of boxes themselves. And then, outside the concept of outside! This is of course possible if the user of LSD applies the correct environment and in the correct mindset, as deviating from this can lead to a bad trip.

But what if LSD was abused? In the hey-days of LSD testing, it was believed that LSD had the potential to change someones behaviour permanently and for the better using the drug. Hearing about this potential, the USA invested in LSD and the CIA began testing it, but their goals were far more sinister than that of the psychologists using it to treat anxiety and depression.

Programming, in a style similar to The Manchurian Candidate, was the aim of the game. Under the MKULTRA project, the CIA misappropriated LSD, using it with electrotherapy to torture people and make them confess. Their tests were highly unethical, sometimes involved luring heroin addicts to their labs, and paying them in heroin.

For the government to use LSD in such a harmful, brutal way, in such an unethical manner, and then to ban it completely to stop people from using it in a healthy way truly is a crime, a crime against the sick and the needy, as well as the entire population.

Why Don’t We Know Exactly How LSD Works?

Aaaaaah, this magical drug, LSD. A substance that can cause mood swings, kaleidoscopic visions and make hours feel like weeks. But how does LSD do this? Why is it that when someone takes LSD, they get to go on this magical journey for a couple of hours?

The answer, is uh, quite a bit uncertain really.

The most we know is that LSD replaces serotonin in the brain, a chemical which helps the brains understanding of the world and its perception. But that’s all. We honestly don’t really know 100% what LSD is doing to the brain.

Why not though? Surely there would’ve been studies into how LSD affects the brain!

But no, unfortunately, due to the amount of red tape that surrounds psychedelic drugs, it has always been way too difficult for scientists to have access to the drug. The taboo nature of it makes it difficult to get both access and the funding required to study it.

To conduct the worlds first imaging study of the brain on LSD, scientist David Nutt and his team had to turn to a crowdfunding website, Walacea, in order to get the full funding necessary to pursue the study, as the negative stigma that surrounds the drug made it too difficult to get funding from medical foundations alone.

The fact that this team had to do this is incredibly infuriating, these substances that can be such help to others are being left in the dust, and so are the people who could truly benefit from them.

The Curing Abilities of LSD

After the invention of LSD and before the banning of it worldwide in the 60’s, LSD was hugely popular among the medical community. While it was not understood well enough at the time, doctors were eager to see how it could be used, particularly in the psychological realm due to it’s potential to change someones behaviour, hoping to trigger a permanent change.

A lot of the healing power of LSD comes from the spiritual awakening that a lot of people experience when taking the drug. Sometimes, psychiatrists would diagnose LSD in large doses with the motive that the true meaning of a patients life would be magically revealed during the trip! Admittedly, this use of LSD was rather haphazard, as LSD was also used on criminals, with the hope that their behaviour would change to make them more fit to society.

In the 1980s, a study found that LSD was potentially extremely beneficial to terminally ill patients, as it relieved them of the anxiety of their death. This study showed such promise, but it was unfortunately shut down before fully embraced.

This kind of red tape, that not only shuts these studies down, but also prevents them from being studied in the first place, is something that I find incredibly hard to understand. How can a substance with such potential to help not be used?

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LSD to Blame for Awesome Things Existing

So how bout those drugs eh? Always making people turn into unproductive slobs that trip out of their minds, basically taking themselves outside of the uses of society. Gosh, if only people never took them, then we wouldn’t have…. well, surprisingly, a lot of things!

Without tripping on LSD, there’s a lot of things that we’d be missing from our lives! So let’s take a look at some of the things that we have LSD to thank for!

1. The Computer Mouse/Copy and Pasting

The man behind two things that we take GREATLY for granted when using a computer, Douglas Engelbart, gained his inspiration from the drug!

2. The Novel The Doors of Heaven and Hell

Aldous Huxley experimented heavily with psychedelics, which in turn inspired multiple works by him. He advocated for their beneficial uses up until his death

3. Apple Computers

Steve Jobs lists taking LSD as one of the most important things in his life, stating that it showed him the other sides of the coin to life, and what was really important in the world.

4. DNA Structure

When Francis Crick was trying to figure out how DNA was shaped, he said that the answer came to him after an LSD trip, winning him the Nobel Prize.

5. The Movie Alien

That’s right, we wouldn’t have the movie Alien if it hadn’t been for H.R. Giger’s experimentation into LSD. His artworks and designs were a crucial aspect to the film, and it truly would not be the same without.

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Acid Vs. Alcohol

I thought for this post I’d have a crack at comparing a legal drug, Alcohol, and the illegal drug that this blog is obviously based on and revolves around, LSD. I think a lot of you who aren’t so knowledgeable about LSD will be surprised about these harsh differences.

So let’s compare the two. In 2010, 15 Australians were dying every day due to alcohol related deaths, with 430 Australians being admitted to hospitals due to alcohol related injuries, every, single, day (source). Why do people drink alcohol though? When we look at the positive sides, we can see that there is something behind the motivation, as alcohol when not abused, can help someone relax, lift their mood, and even increase their sociability.

But is this all worth it? These positives aren’t strictly locked to alcohol, so why is such a dangerous drug legal when LSD isn’t?

Let’s have a look at LSD now. The statistics for LSD overdose deaths in 2010, compared to alcohol are… 0. Now let’s have a look at LSD overdoes deaths in 2015… Still 0.

Nobody has ever died from overdosing on LSD, the reason being is that the dosage to do so is way way way too high for humans to intake. This doesn’t mean that you are invincible on the drug, obviously, as someone having a bad trip in improper settings can have horrible experiences, but if you respect the drug, and take into account some important factors, your set and setting, then you can easily avoid this happening

So why is alchohol legal? Why is LSD Illegal? Leave your comments below!

Also, have a look at this investigative video about someone doing challenges on both drugs. Not the most scientific analysis, but it’s still a good watch!

The Discovery of LSD

The discovery of LSD is pretty wacky compared to other psychedelics, mostly because LSD is not like most drugs which are extracted from nature. Weed comes from marijuana, Psilocybin from mushrooms, but LSD comes from a laboratory! Not only that, but it’s discovery was almost by accident by it’s creator, Albert Hoffmann.

While pursuing chemicals to help treat respiratory and circulation problems, Hoffmann created lysergic acid diethylamide, only to store it away for several years. Later, when transporting it, somehow, the chemical got into his body, perhaps by spilling onto his sleeve and being absorbed into his skin. For the next couple of hours, Hoffmann experienced seeing an intense kaleidoscope of colours.

To investigate what the drug had done to him, he intentionally dosed himself with it. Initially, he did not feel the effects, and asked his assistant to accompany him on his bicycle ride home. This bicycle ride would take him on a strange detour, as the LSD began to take effect. From then on, it was proven to Hoffmann that LSD was clearly an important drug, and one that should be further studied, his later research and experiments showing that LSD had immense psychological benefits.

Hoffmann’s first pursuit into using LSD is now celebrated as Bicycle Day by LSD enthusiasts, and is a modern legend of scientific discovery.

How to ensure LSD is entirely beneficial

For this blog post I thought I’d talk about 2 of the most crucial aspects to LSD trips, Set and Setting. If these elements aren’t treated with the proper respect, then the downsides of LSD can come into play. This can cause a ‘bad trip’, which is definitely not fun for the user. As long as the Set and Setting are maintained properly, then LSD usage can be a spiritual, and psychological experience that can leave the user in a much better stage then before!

So what do these terms mean? Let’s start with the Set. Your Set is basically, how you feel before going on the trip. This is super important, because during a trip, emotions can be very powerful, and are widely emphasised throughout. This is why it’s always best to consider your mindscape before going on a trip. Some good questions to consider would be, how do you feel? Are you stressed? Do you feel upset? Is something bothering you? If any of these answer yes, then perhaps now is not the time for you to trip.

The Setting is the other side of this coin, your environment and where you’ll be spending time. While during the trip you’ll be very lucid, it helps to trip where, if anything were to go wrong, you would be able to get help, and to ensure that you feel safe throughout the experience. Some ways of making sure you have a good setting would be to not trip somewhere that you are unfamiliar with, or with people you are unfamiliar with. Tips would be to trip inside your home or at the home of someone close to you (if outside, somewhere near a house where you could easily retreat back to), tripping only with people that you are familiar with, and even better, have a friend who isn’t tripping, who could act as what is known as a ‘trip-sitter’.

Following these steps will provide a beneficial experience, and make sure no nightmare trips occur!

The TRUE Effects of LSD

If you were to ask an average person, who hasn’t any experience with psychedelics and had a fairly standard upbringing, about LSD, they’re likely to tell you of the dangers of the substance, with either great exaggeration, incorrect facts, or both! This is one of the reasons this blog was started, to combat these harmful misconceptions and to spread the truth!

So what actually happens in a typical LSD trip?

To summarise, a trip lasts about 8-12 hours, with 3 distinct stages, the come-up, the peak, and then the come-down. The come-up is when visuals will start to distort and colours will begin to change slightly. It’s typical as well to find a lot of stuff really, really, really funny and become a giggly mess. This stage is pretty critical to getting the most out of the trip, as your state of mind will affect how the rest goes. There’ll be another blog post that will talk about how that can be ensured, so look out for that!

Stage 2 of the trip, the peak, is when the effects of LSD are in full swing. Eyes begin to dilate super wide, and visuals start to become even more intense. Colours swirl and change, and even when the eyes are closed, a kaleidoscopic visual can be seen, super interesting stuff! The perception of time also begins to get a bit kooky, as time can start to feel incredibly longer than it actually is, and sometimes, it feels like time might be going in circles!

Then there’s the last stage, the come-down, which is basically a mirror version of the come-up. The effects begin to melt away as the bodies metabolism catches up with the LSD dosage.

If you’d like to learn more about the LSD trip experience, this video does a great job at detailing the different elements of each trip!

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